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Bowl-shaped depressions formed by the striking of meteorites or the eruption of volcanoes.


Aniakchak Crater

Lake and Peninsula County, Alaska
Aniakchak is an extant volcano. The caldera formed during a major eruption in 1645 B.C. The most recent eruption was in 1931. Surprise Lake within the caldera is the source of the Aniakchak River, a National Wild River.


Crater of Diamonds State Park

Murfreesboro, Pike County, Arkansas, 71958
The Crater of Diamonds volcanic pipe is part of a 95-million-year-old eroded volcano. The deeply sourced lamproite magma, from the upper mantle, brought the diamonds to the surface. Over 29,000 diamonds have been found in the crater since it became a state park.


Fisher Caldera

Fisher caldera is 11 km wide by 18 km long. It is one of at least three volcanoes on Unimak Island that have been active in historical time, with the most recent activity recorded in August of 1830.

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