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Centennial Olympic Park

265 Park Ave W NW
Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia, 30313

Centennial Olympic Park Fountain Statue
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Centennial Olympic Park was built for the Centennial 1996 Summer Olympics. The 21 acre (85,000 m2) public park is owned and operated by the Georgia World Congress Center Authority.
The park was built by the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games (ACOG) for the Centennial 1996 Summer Olympics.

A key feature of the park is the "Fountain of Rings," a "splash pad" which features computer-controlled lights and jets of water synchronized with music played from speakers in light towers surrounding the fountain. People are welcome to cool off and interact with the water.

The fountain area is surrounded by flags representing the host countries of each Summer Olympics preceding the 1996 games and columns reminiscent of ancient Greece.

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  • Entertainment Venues

    A small amphitheater is located at the southern end of Centennial Olympic Park. The park is host several events including a summer popular music concert series as well as holiday concerts and fireworks display.

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Centennial Olympic Park

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