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Villisca Ax Murder House

323 E 4th Street
Villisca, Montgomery County, Iowa, 50864

Villisca Ax Murder House
Photo: Ryan Moomey License: CC BY 2.0
This old white frame house may have survived only because of the terrible murders that took place there in June, 1912.
The house was the site of the 1912 brutal murder of eight people, including six children. A documentary has been made about the murder, which remains unsolved. The house was renovated in the 1990s and serves as a local museum.

The house was built in 1868, on lot 310. After the murders, the house went through the possession of eight people, the most recent acquisition occurring in 1994 by Mr. Darwin Linn. He and his wife successfully restored the house to its original condition at the time of the murders. In 1998, the house was added to the National Register of Historic Places. The Iowa Historic Preservation Alliance recognized the site with the Preservation at its Best award in 1997.

Villisca Ax Murder House Categories

  • Haunted Places

    At least three recorded paranormal happenings were claimed to have taken place at the Villisca Ax Murder House. Former tenants said that they had seen the figure of a shadowy man with an axe standing at the foot of their bed.
  • Man-Made

  • Television and Movie Locations

    The Villisca Ax Murder House was investigated by the Ghost Adventures Crew (GAC). During the episode, electronic voice phenomena (EVPs) were carried out. One EVP is believed to have picked up the voice of a man saying, "I killed six kids". The voice was described as if someone were swinging an axe as they said, "six kids".

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