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Samuel Powel House

244 South 3rd Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19106

Samuel Powel House
Photo: Beyond My Ken License: CC BY-SA 4.0
Samuel Powel served as the last mayor of Philadelphia under English rule and was the first mayor of the city after the creation of the United States. The house is considered one of the best existing examples of a Georgian Colonial townhouse.

During the early 20th century, the house served as a warehouse and office for a business that imported and exported Russian and Siberian horse hair and bristles.

The Powel House was built in 1765 by the merchant Charles Stedman, who was a member of the Carpenter's Company.

At one time, the building was slated for demolition and the site to be used for a parking lot.

The house's formal walled garden, entryway, ballroom with bas-relief plasterwork, and mahogany wainscoting are examples of Georgian Colonial architecture.

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