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Hawaii State Capitol

415 South Beretania Street
Honolulu, Hawaii, 96813

Hawaii State Capitol
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The Hawaii State Capitol opened on March 15, 1969 and replaced the former statehouse, 'Iolani Palace. It is an American adaptation of the Bauhaus style called Hawaiian international architecture.

The Hawaii State Capitol's distinct architectural features symbolize various natural aspects of Hawaii. Among them:

  • The building is surrounded by a reflecting pool, symbolizing the Pacific Ocean.

  • The two legislative chambers are cone-shaped, symbolizing volcanoes that formed the Hawaiian Islands.

  • The columns around the perimeter of the building have shapes resembling coconut trees. Also, there are eight in either side of the building representing the eight main islands of Hawai'i.

  • When standing in the center of the structure, the chandeliers from both legislative chambers which represent the sun and moon can be seen through the glass walls

  • The Capitol is built in an open-air design, allowing sun, wind, and rain to enter.

  • The area that is normally reserved for a rotunda in most capitol buildings is left open to the sky. It is said that the sky is Hawaii's capitol rotunda.

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Hawaii State Capitol

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