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Massachusetts State House

24 Beacon Street
Boston, Massachusetts , 02133

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The building is situated on 6.7 acres (27,000 m<sup>2</sup>) of land on top of Beacon Hill in Boston. The dome is topped with a pine cone, symbolizing both the importance of Boston's lumber industry in the early colonial days.

The state legislature which meets in the capitol is called the Massachusetts General Court.

The land once owned by John Hancock, Massachusetts' first elected governor.

The original wood dome, which leaked, was covered with copper in 1802 by Paul Revere's company.

The dome was first painted gray and then light yellow before being gilded with gold leaf in 1874.

A staircase in front of the Bulfinch building leads from Beacon Street to Doric Hall inside the building. The large main doors inside Doric Hall are only opened on three occasions:

  1. When the President of the United States or foreign head of state visits.

  2. When the Governor exits the building on his last day in office. This tradition is known as the Long Walk.

  3. When a regimental flag returns from battle.

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