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Michigan State Capitol

100 North Capitol Avenue
Lansing, Ingham County, Michigan , 48933

Michigan state capitol
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The Michigan State Capitol is 267 feet (81.3 m) from the ground to the tip of finial/spire above the dome. The building is 420 feet (130 m) and two inches (128 m) long and 273 feet (83 m) and 11 inches (83.4 m) wide.

Inside the rotunda, below the cast-iron dome, the ceiling displays eight muses painted in 1886. For more than a century, the muses' artist remained anonymous; it is now known to have been Tommaso Juglaris, who created them in his Boston studio and never came to Michigan.

The second floor, in addition to hosting the gubernatorial offices, features the Gallery of Governors with portraits of former Michigan governors.

Both the House and the Senate also contain glass tiled ceilings that allow natural light to shine through etched glass panels to better light the room. These ceiling tiles feature the coats-of-arms of each state in America.

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