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Paul Revere House

19 N Square
Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, 02113

Paul Revere House
Photo: Urban-commonswiki License: CC BY 3.0
The Paul Revere House (1680) was the colonial home of American patriot Paul Revere during the time of the American Revolution. A National Historic Landmark, it is now operated as a nonprofit museum by the Paul Revere Memorial Association.
The original three-story house was built about 1680, making it the oldest house in downtown Boston. It occupied the former site of the Second Church of Boston's parsonage, home to Increase Mather and Cotton Mather, which was destroyed in the Great Fire of 1676.

Despite the substantial renovation process which returned the house to its conjectured appearance around 1700, ninety percent of the structure (including two doors, three window frames, and portions of the flooring, foundation, inner wall material and raftering) is original to 1680, though none of the window glass is original. Its heavy beams, large fireplaces, and absence of interior hallways are typical of colonial living arrangements. The two chambers upstairs contain several pieces of furniture believed to have belonged to the Revere family.

In December 2016 the Paul Revere Memorial Association opened a 3,500 square foot visitor and education center connected to the house by an elevated walkway.

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