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Old Ship Church

Main Street
Hingham, Plymouth County, Massachusetts

Old Ship Church
Photo: Timothy Valentine License: CC BY-SA 2.5
The Old Ship Church is a Puritan church built in 1681 in Hingham, Massachusetts. It is the only surviving 17th-century Puritan meetinghouse in America. It occupies the oldest church building in continuous ecclesiastical use in the United States.
The most distinctive feature of the structure is its Hammerbeam roof, a Gothic open timber construction, the most well-known example that of Westminster Hall. Some of those working on the soaring structure were no doubt ship carpenters; others were East Anglians familiar with the method of constructing a hammerbeam roof.

The congregation is Unitarian Universalist and is a Welcoming Congregation.

Some of the meetinghouse furnishings still in use date to its founding: Old Ship's christening bowl, for instance, was made before 1600 and was likely brought to the Massachusetts Bay Colony by emigrants from Hingham, England.

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