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Old Louisiana State Capitol

100 North Boulevard
Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge County, Louisiana

Old Louisiana State Capitol
Photo: Gryffindor License: CC BY-SA 3.0
The Old Louisiana State Capitol, also known as the State House, housed the Louisiana State Legislature from the mid-19th century until the current capitol tower building was constructed in 1929-32.
It was built to both look like and function like a castle and has led some locals to call it the Louisiana Castle, the Castle of Baton Rouge, the Castle on the River, or the Museum of Political History; although most people just call it the old capitol building.

On September 21, 1847, the city of Baton Rouge donated to the state of Louisiana a $20,000 parcel of land for a state capitol building.

While used as a garrison the building caught fire twice. This sequence of events transformed Louisiana's capitol into an empty, gutted shell abandoned by the Union Army.

By 1882 the statehouse was totally rebuilt by architect and engineer William A. Freret, who is credited with the installation of the spiral staircase and the stained glass dome.

Restored in the 1990s, the Old State Capitol is now the Museum of Political History.

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