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City Park

New Orleans, Louisiana, 70124

New Orleans City Park
Photo: Infrogmation License: CC BY-SA 3.0
City Park, a 1,300-acre (5.3 km2) public park in New Orleans, Louisiana, is the 87th largest and 20th-most-visited urban public park in the United States
City Park holds the world's largest collection of mature live oak trees, some older than 600 years in age.

City Park was established in the mid-19th century on land fronting Metairie Road (now City Park Avenue), along the remains of Bayou Metairie, a former distributary of the Mississippi River.

The Popp Bandstand was constructed in 1917 and dedicated on July 4. The Irby swimming pool was built in 1924.

Until 1958, all park amenities were restricted to white residents. African American children and families were banned from entering the park.

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