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Juneau–Douglas Bridge

Between Juneau and Douglas Island
Juneau, Alaska

Douglas Bridge
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The Douglas Bridge (also colloquially known as the J. D. Bridge or simply "the bridge") is located in Juneau, Alaska. Spanning the Gastineau Channel, it connects Juneau's eastern, mainland side with the city's communities on Douglas Island to the west.
The current span is the second bridge of the same name; the original, built in 1935, was demolished in 1981 following the completion of its replacement in 1980.

The bridge is the only roadway link to the communities on Douglas Island.

The deck of the newer bridge was constructed using prestressed concrete. It measures 20.2 metres (66 ft) in width, and has a span of 189 metres (620 ft).

The bridge forms a "no wake zone" on its north side.

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Juneau–Douglas Bridge

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