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Mayor Bill Overstreet Park

Juneau, Alaska

Mayor Bill Overstreet Park Sign
Photo: Dave R. May License: CC BY-SA 4.0
Mayor Bill Overstreet Park, also known locally as Overstreet Park (or more informally as Whale Park), is a beach and public park, located in the City of Juneau, Alaska.
The large, waterfront park stretches over half a mile, past two state office buildings.

Its most notable feature is a breaching whale sculpture called Takhu, designed by Alaskan artist Skip Wallen and built in Anaheim, California.

The park is within walking distance of Downtown Juneau, the cruise ship docks and Douglas Island. It was completed in 2018. A system of boardwalks and trails connect Downtown Juneau to the park.

The park is named after Bill Overstreet, a former mayor of Juneau who successfully fought to maintain Juneau as the capital city of Alaska.

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