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Colt Armory

140 Huyshope Avenue
Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut , 06106

Colt Fire Arms Company, East Armory Building
Photo: License: Public Domain
The Colt Armory is a historic factory complex for the manufacture of firearms, created by Samuel Colt. It is located in Hartford, Connecticut along the Connecticut River.
It is slated to become part of Coltsville National Historical Park, now undergoing planning by the National Park Service.

Colt's 1855 East Armory was almost totally destroyed by a disastrous fire in 1864; only two small outbuildings remain of this original construction (the Forge and the Foundry). The West Armory (built 1861) was demolished before World War II.

After the 1864 fire, the East Armory was rebuilt on its predecessor's foundation, to designs by General William B. Franklin, the company's general manager and a former U.S. Army engineer, and completed in 1867.

Four Porter-Allen steam engines drove the armory's machine tools through a maze of shafts and belts.

Today the factory complex includes: the Forge Shop and the Foundry (from the original 1855 factory); the East Armory with its distinctive blue onion dome, rebuilt in 1867; the South and North Armories (1921), the Machine Shop, Warehouse, Power Plant, and Garage, built in 1916 to accommodate World War I production; and the World War II Office Building (1942).

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