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Lincoln Home National Historic Site

413 South 8th Street
Springfield, Sangamon County, Illinois, 62701

Lincoln Home
Photo: Daniel Schwen License: CC BY-SA 4.0
Lincoln Home National Historic Site preserves the Springfield, Illinois home and related historic district where Abraham Lincoln lived from 1844 to 1861, before becoming the 16th President of the United States.
In 1837, Lincoln moved to Springfield from New Salem at the start of his law career. He met his wife, Mary Todd, at her sister's home in Springfield and married there in 1842.

The historic-site house at the corner of Jackson Street, bought by Lincoln and his wife in 1844, was the only home that Lincoln ever owned. Three of their children were born there and one, Eddie, died there.

Lincoln's son, Robert Todd Lincoln donated the family home to the State of Illinois in 1887 under the condition that it would forever be well maintained and open to the public at no charge.

The presidential memorial includes the four blocks surrounding the home and a visitor center.

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