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Old State Capitol

300 West Broadway
Frankfort, Franklin County, Kentucky , 40601

Old State Capitol, Frankfort, Kentucky
Photo: License: CC0 1.0
The Old State Capitol, also known as Old Statehouse, was the third capitol of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The Kentucky legislature voted for its construction in 1827.
The building is located in the Kentucky capital city of Frankfort and served as home of the Kentucky General Assembly from 1830 to 1910. The Old State Capitol has served as a museum and the home of the Kentucky Historical Society since 1920. It has been restored to its American Civil War era appearance.

The building was designed in the Greek Revival style. the front of the building to duplicate the Temple of Minerva Polias at Priene. Greek temples had no windows, therefore the front of the capitol is devoid of windows.

A bitterly contested 1899 state governor election came to a climax when Democratic claimant William Goebel of Covington, Kentucky was assassinated at the capitol on his way to be inaugurated. A plaque reading "William Goebel fell here, Jan. 30th, 1900" exists near the front entrance of the building.

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