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Lincoln Children's Zoo

1222 S 27th Street
Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska, 68502

Lincoln Children's Zoo
Photo: Hanyou23 License: CC BY-SA 4.0
The Lincoln Children's Zoo is located in Lincoln, Nebraska, designed specifically for children to experience interactive, up-close encounters with all of the zoo's animals
With nearly 200,000 visitors each year, Lincoln Children's Zoo is the third most attended arts and science attraction in Nebraska. The Lincoln Children's Zoo is a privately funded, 10-acre zoo and is the largest attended zoo per acre in the United States. The zoo is open mid-April to mid-October.

Arnott Folsom began planning for a children's zoo that would allow children to engage and interact with animals with his personal funds in 1959. In 1963, construction on the zoo's original property of three acres was still taking place but the railroad tracks for the zoo's train were completed. Folsom had the idea to sell train tickets for a ride on the zoo's train, then called the “Iron Horse,” to help fundraise to finish construction of the zoo. In 1964, Folsom hired a full-time train crew and the train drove approximately 2,800 miles, selling over 150,000 tickets from 1963–1964.

Lincoln Children's Zoo opened on three acres of city land in 1965. The zoo began with about 120 animals, all of which were sold at the end of the season each year.

Each Wild Wednesday has a different theme and includes animal demonstrations and other activities for visitors.

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