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American Banjo Museum

9 East Sheridan Avenue
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma

The American Banjo Museum in the Bricktown district of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Photo: Michael Barera License: CC BY-SA 4.0
The American Banjo Museum in Oklahoma City is dedicated to the history of the banjo. The museum's exhibits document the rise of the banjo from its arrival in North America via the Atlantic slave trade to modern times.
The museum was founded in 1988 in Guthrie, Oklahoma, by Jack Canine and moved to Oklahoma City in 2009.

Canine donated more than 60 "ornately decorated four-string tenor and plectrum banjos" to the museum. In a 2007 expansion, the museum acquired a European collection of 182 "jazz-age" instruments, making it one of the largest collections of banjos in the world. With the acquisition, the museum had "representation of every model from every major manufacturer of the jazz age, which ran from 1920 to 1940".

The museum was originally oriented towards four-string banjos but by 2013 its focus was widened to include five-string banjos. By 2018 the museum possessed more than 400 instruments and was able to exhibit more than 300 of them on two floors of galleries covering 21,000 sq ft (2,000 m2).

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