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Pennsylvania State Capitol

501 N 3rd St
Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, 17120

Facade of State Capitol, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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The Pennsylvania State Capitol is the seat of government for the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. Located in downtown Harrisburg, it was completed in 1906 in a Beaux-Arts style with decorative Renaissance themes throughout.
The capitol houses the legislative chambers for the Pennsylvania General Assembly, made up of the House of Representatives and the Senate, and the Harrisburg chambers for the Supreme and Superior Courts of Pennsylvania, as well as the offices of the Governor and the Lieutenant Governor. It is also the main building of the Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex.

The Pennsylvania State Capitol is often referred to as a "palace of art" because of its many sculptures, murals and stained-glass windows, most of which are Pennsylvania themed or were made by Pennsylvanians.

The capitol is 520 feet (160 m) long and 272 feet (83 m) tall. It is 254 feet (77 m) wide at its center wing and its two side wings are 212 feet (65 m). The facade of the capitol is constructed out of granite from Hardwick, Vermont. The 94-foot -diameter (29 m) dome is topped by the gilded brass statue of Commonwealth by Roland Hinton Perry. Standing 14 feet 6 inches (4 m) tall atop a 4-foot -diameter (1 m) ball, the statue is the personification of a commonwealth. The dome itself weighs 26,000 short tons (24,000 metric tons) and was architecturally inspired by St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City.

Arnold Brunner designed the layout of the grounds, which originally totaled only 15 acres from the land Harris and Maclay gave to the state. The remaining 29 acres were added when the state bought the Eighth Ward.

The Pennsylvania State Capitol houses the chambers for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, the Pennsylvania Senate, and the Harrisburg chambers for the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. The Capitol contains 475 rooms and has four floors, not including a mezzanine between the first and second floors, and a basement.

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