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Broad Street Market

1233 N. 3rd Street
Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, 17102

Broad Street Market
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The Broad Street Market, founded in 1860, is located in the Midtown neighborhood of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
Originally established on Broad Street (now Verbeke Street) by the Verbeke family, it is today one of the oldest continuously operating farmers markets in the country.

During the American Civil War, the market helped to feed the 300,000 Union soldiers who mustered through nearby Camp Curtin.

The market is actually two separate structures. The older Stone Market house was completed in 1863 and held the name "West Harrisburg Market House". The Brick Market house was built between 1874 and 1878. For many years, a Wood Market extended between these two remaining buildings.

In 1979, ownership of the market was transferred to the City of Harrisburg, which operated the market until 1996 under a city-appointed agency. In 1996, the city completed a $2.5 million award-winning restoration of the Market complex, which was designed to reposition it as a successful and growth-oriented retail enterprise. In 1999, the City completed an additional $380,000 improvement to the stone market house.

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