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Daniel R. Bigelow House

918 Glass Ave. NE
Olympia, Thurston County, Washington, 98506

Bigelow House, Olympia Washington, 1866
Photo: Daniel R Bigelow Family License: CC BY-SA 3.0
The Bigelow House, also known as the Bigelow House Museum, is a historic house museum in the Bigelow Neighborhood of Olympia, Washington.
Built by Daniel Bigelow in the 1850s, the house was designed in the Carpenter Gothic style. The Bigelows were active in many political causes including temperance, women's suffrage and public education. The Bigelows were also a host family for some of the Mercer Girls when they arrived in 1866. The Bigelows lived in the house until their deaths; Daniel in 1905 and Ann Elizabeth in 1926.

The house remained in the Bigelow family until 1994 when owners Daniel S Bigelow (grandson of Daniel and Ann Elizabeth) and Mary Ann Campbell Bigelow helped form the non-profit Bigelow House Preservation Association to save the house from developers.

Since 2005 the Bigelow House Museum is fully open as a public museum, displaying original territorial era furnishings, photos, and documents. It is one of the oldest and most intact pioneer-era homes in Washington.

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