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Worcester Art Museum

55 Salisbury Street
Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts , 01609

Worcester Art Museum (Massachusetts)
Photo: Kenneth C. Zirkel License: CC BY-SA 4.0
The Worcester Art Museum houses over 38,000 works of art dating from antiquity to the present day and representing cultures from all over the world. WAM opened in 1898 in Worcester, Massachusetts.
The Worcester Art Museum started as a small three-story building. Very little of the exterior of this original building can be viewed due to the multiple expansions the museum has undertaken.

In 1927, the museum purchased a 12th-century French chapter house that was originally part of the Benedictine Priory of St. John at Le Bas-Nueil near Poitiers. Installed in 1932, and linked to the museum in 1933 via the grand Renaissance Court, the chapter house was the first medieval building ever transported from Europe to America.

In November 2015, the museum unveiled a new walkway ramp at the Salisbury Street entrance. The bridge-like structure boldly combines contemporary design with the museum’s 1933 Beaux-Arts exterior while making the historic main entrance fully accessible.

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