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Joslyn Art Museum

2200 Dodge Street
Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska, 68102

Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha, Nebraska
Photo: Eric T Gunther License: CC BY 3.0
The Joslyn Art Museum is the principal fine arts museum in the state of Nebraska. Located in Omaha, it was opened in 1931 at the initiative of Sarah H. Joslyn in memory of her husband, businessman George A. Joslyn.
Opening on November 29, 1931, it occupies a large and impressive Art Deco building. The decorative panels on the exterior were designed by sculptor John David Brcin and refer to the peoples of the plains - the original Native American inhabitants and the later European explorers and settlers. Inscriptions carved on the building were written by Hartley Burr Alexander. A substantial extension, designed by Lord Norman Foster, opened in 1994.

Although the best known names appear in the European and American collections, it is probably the Western American and Native American collections that have the greatest importance as collections, allowing a rare opportunity to study these genres and periods of art as well as giving an important insight into the history of the western United States.

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