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Mud Island

Mississippi River to the west and Wolf River Harbor to the east
Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee , 38103

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Mud Island includes a museum, restaurants, an amphitheater, and a residential area. It is accessible by the Memphis Suspension Railway (a monorail), by foot (via a footbridge located on top of the monorail), kayak, paddle board, or automobile.
Mud Island is not actually an island but a small peninsula. It had been formed by a buildup of silt, gravel, and sand by 1899. It was originally referred to as City Island until the 1950s.

Mud Island became the location of the Memphis Downtown Airport in 1959 and was used primarily by wealthy businessmen to access Downtown Memphis. In 1960, the Wolf River Levee was used to divert the flow of the Wolf River. The airport was shut down in 1970 due to the construction of the Interstate 40 bridge.

In 1976, the architect responsible for the Memphis International Airport and Memphis College of Art came up with a project to turn 50 acres of property owned by the city into a destination designed to attract locals and tourists alike. The proposed name for the park was Volunteer Park, but it was later named Mud Island Park when it was opened on July 4, 1982.

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