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Provo City Center Temple

50 S University Avenue
Provo, Utah County, Utah, 84601

Provo City Center Temple
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The Provo City Center Temple is a temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on the same site as the former Provo Tabernacle in Provo, Utah.
Completed in 2016, the temple utilizes much of the external shell of the tabernacle, all that remained of the original building after a fire in December 2010.

During construction, the remaining tabernacle structure was fortified with six to 10 inches of reinforced concrete, combined with three rows of brick. It was supported on a structure of steel and concrete piles set at the planned altitude for the final building. Space for two below-grade stories was excavated before beginning work on the above-ground portions of the temple. The excavation went down 40 feet. With the water level between 15 and 20 feet, a large amount of water was removed in the process.

Consistent with construction of most Latter-day Saint temples, on March 31, 2014, a statue of the angel Moroni was installed on top of the temple.

A public open house was held from January 15 through March 5, 2016, excluding Sundays.

The temple was dedicated on March 20, 2016.

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