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Frye Art Museum

704 Terry Avenue
Seattle, King County, Washington, 98104

The Frye Museum, Seattle, Washington
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The Frye Art Museum is an art museum located in the First Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. The museum emphasizes painting and sculpture from the nineteenth century to the present.
Charles Frye's will required that the majority of the Fryes' own collection continue always to be on view in rooms of a certain size; stipulations were also made about lighting conditions and specifically concrete floors (ultimately elided by placing wood over the concrete). He also required that admission always be free. These conditions were enough to keep the Seattle Art Museum from being interested in his collection.

The Frye Art Museum's collection highlights many kinds of paintings, prints, works on paper, and sculptures. Artists represented at the museum include Eugène Boudin, William-Adolphe Bouguereau, Félix Ziem, Eugène Isabey, Franz von Lenbach, Tim Lowly, Fritz von Uhde (Picture Book), Hermann Corrodi (Venice), Ludwig von Zumbusch, Leopold Schmutzler, and Franz Stuck (Judgment of Paris).

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