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Pike Place Market

Seattle, King County, Washington , 98101

Pike Place Market in Seattle
Photo: Daniel Schwen License: CC BY-SA 4.0
Pike Place Market is a public market in Seattle, Washington, United States. It opened on August 17, 1907 and is one of the oldest continuously operated public farmers' markets in the United States.
The Market is located roughly in the northwest corner of Seattle's central business district.

The first building at the Market was the Main Arcade. At its opening, a forty-piece band performed for a large cheering crowd.

By 1911, demand for the Market had grown so much that the number of available stalls had doubled, and extended north from Pike Street to Stewart Street, doubling in size since the opening of the Main Arcade. The west side of the stall lines were soon covered in an overhead canopy and roofing, becoming known as the "dry row". The last of the core buildings of the Market for the coming decades was obtained in 1916.

On November 2, 1971 that created a historic preservation zone and returned the Market to public hands. The Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority was created by the city to run the Market. Over the course of the 1970s, all the Market's historic buildings were restored and renovated using the original plans and blueprints and appropriate materials.

Pike Place Market celebrated its 100-year anniversary on August 17, 2007. A wide variety of activities and events took place, and a concert was held in Victor Steinbrueck Park in the evening, consisting entirely of songs related one or another way to Seattle.

One of the Market's major attractions is Pike Place Fish Market, where employees throw three-foot salmon and other fish to each other rather than passing them by hand. When a customer orders a fish, an employee at the Fish Market's ice-covered fish table picks up the fish and hurls it over the countertop, where another employee catches it and preps it for sale.

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