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Holt Lock and Dam

Near Holt
Tuscaloosa County, Alabama

Holt Lock and Dam on the Black Warrior River in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama
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The Holt Lock and Dam is a lock built on the Black Warrior River near Holt, Alabama in Tuscaloosa County.
Opening for navigation in 1966, it served as a replacement for a series locks and dams built in the early 20th century. The lock and dam impounds Holt Lake 19 miles (31 km) upstream to the John Hollis Bankhead Lock and Dam.

The lock is located in the southern bank and has an inside chamber with dimensions of 110 feet (34 m) by 600 feet (180 m), and having a maximum lift of 64 feet (20 m). The spillway is controlled by 14 individually operated tainter gates used to control the overall lake level.

Located on the northern bank are hydroelectric turbines operated by the Alabama Power Company. The United States Army Corps of Engineers owns the dam facility; Alabama Power owns and operates the generating plant.

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Holt Lock and Dam

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