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The Decatur Daily

201 1st Avenue SE
Decatur, Morgan County, Alabama, 35609

The Decatur Daily
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The Decatur Daily is a daily (five days a week) newspaper serving Decatur, Alabama and the Tennessee Valley in the North Alabama area of the United States.
For over 100 years, The Decatur Daily has played a major role in the economic and community development of the Tennessee Valley. It was first published on February 26, 1912 under the banner of The Decaturs Daily, serving the towns of Decatur and New Decatur. After 1916, when New Decatur was renamed Albany, the paper was called The Albany-Decatur Daily. When the two towns were consolidated in 1927, it assumed its present title.

In 2018, facing challenges from the switch to digital media and sharp increases in newsprint costs due to a tariff imposed on Canadian newsprint, 'The Decatur Daily' stopped printing editions on Saturdays and Mondays.

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