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Headquarters House

118 East Dickson Street
Fayetteville, Washington County, Arkansas, 72701

Headquarters House, Fayetteville, Arkansas
Photo: Brandon Rush License: CC BY-SA 3.0
Headquarters House, also known as the Colonel Tebbetts place, is a historic house museum in Fayetteville, Arkansas.
The house was constructed by Judge Jonas Tebbetts and his wife in the Greek Revival architectural style. It was completed by 1853.

Judge Tebbetts was an outspoken supporter of the Union. He was arrested in March 1862. Tebbetts was taken to Fort Smith by Confederate General Benjamin McCulloch. Tebbetts was released at the time of General McCulloch's death which occurred during the Battle of Pea Ridge. Tebbetts fled to Fayetteville where he learned of a price on his head. He and his family quickly evacuated to Missouri leaving their beloved home. That was the last time the Tebbetts Family inhabited the home. After the Tebbetts house was abandoned, the Union Army took it over and used it for their Headquarters.

The Headquarters House was the intended target of a Confederate attack on April 18, 1863. One cannonball struck the front door of the Headquarters House, and the house sustained lots of damage throughout the battle. The Union rallied and began to push the Confederates out of Fayetteville later in the morning. Despite a desperate charge up Dickson Street, the Confederates finally decided they could not take the Headquarters House and withdrew. The door and cannonball remain and are now displayed within the museum.

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