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Mill River Park

1040 Washington Boulevard, First Floor
Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut, 06901

Mill River Park in Stamford Connecticut
Photo: John9474 License: CC BY-SA 4.0
Mill River Park is 12-acre urban park located in Stamford, Connecticut which separates Downtown from the West Side.
The cherry trees in Mill River Park were presented to the city on April 27, 1957 by Junzo Nojima, a native of Japan who had settled in the city in 1926 and in 1932 became the first Japanese man to own a restaurant in the state (K&J Three Decker Restaurant on Atlantic Street). Nojima gave the city 120 trees, and for three years he watered each one until they took root. He gave the city instructions on how to care for them, but when they were overlooked, he began tending the trees himself.

Mill River Park was expanded in an $8.5 million project, including $4 million in federal funding earmarked in 2007, with the city government financing the rest of the cost. The federal funding was to pay for removing the Mill River dam and dredging.

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