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Vicksburg, Mississippi Landmarks

The landmarks listed below are located in the city of Vicksburg, Mississippi.

USS Cairo

USS Cairo
Vicksburg, Mississippi, 39183
USS Cairo was one of the first American ironclad warships built at the beginning of the U.S. Civil War. Cairo was the lead ship of the City-class gunboats and named for Cairo, Illinois.

Vicksburg National Military Park

Vicksburg National Military Park
Vicksburg, Warren County, Mississippi, 39183
Vicksburg National Military Park preserves the site of the American Civil War Battle of Vicksburg, waged from May 18 to July 4, 1863. Reconstructed forts and trenches evoke memories of the 47-day siege that ended in the surrender of the city.

Most Popular Vicksburg Landmarks

  1. Vicksburg National Military Park
  2. USS Cairo

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