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Arkansas State Symbols

Each state in the United States of America is unique. The people and legislature of Arkansas have selected the following state symbols to represent their state's individual environment and culture.

The Arkansas State Seal

[Image of The Arkansas State Seal]

The 50 State Seals

The Arkansas State Flag

[Image of The Arkansas State Flag]

A diamond on a red field represents the only place in North America where diamonds have been discovered and mined.

The twenty-five white stars around the diamond mean that Arkansas was the twenty-fifth state to join the Union. The top of four stars in the center represents that Arkansas was a member of the Confederate States during the Civil War. The other three stars represent Spain, France and the United States, countries that had earlier ruled the land that includes Arkansas.

The 50 State Flags

Other State Symbols

  • Anthem: Arkansas by Eva Ware Barnett
  • Beverage: Milk
  • Bird: Mockingbird
  • Book: The Bible
  • Butterfly: Diana Fritillary Butterfly
  • Flower: Apple Blossom
  • Fruit: South Arkansas Vine Ripe Pink Tomato
  • Gemstone: Diamond
  • Historical Song: The Arkansas Traveler by Sanford Faulkner
  • Historic Cooking Vessel: Dutch Oven
  • Insect: European Honey Bee
  • Mammal: White-tailed Deer
  • Mineral: Quartz Crystal
  • Motto: Regnat Populus (The People Rule)
  • Musical Instrument: Fiddle
  • Rock: Bauxite
  • Soil: Stuttgart Soil Series
  • Tree: Pine
  • Vegetable: South Arkansas Vine Ripe Pink Tomato*
  • Songs: Arkansas (You Run Deep In Me), Oh, Arkansas

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