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Connecticut State Symbols

Each state in the United States of America is unique. The people and legislature of Connecticut have selected the following state symbols to represent their state's individual environment and culture.

The Connecticut State Seal

[Image of The Connecticut State Seal]

The 50 State Seals

The Connecticut State Flag

[Image of The Connecticut State Flag]

On a field of azure blue is an ornamental white shield with three grapevines, each bearing three bunches of purple grapes. The vines stand for the first settlements of English people who began to move from Massachusetts in the 1630's. These settlements were thought of as grapevines that had been transplanted.

The state motto "He who transplanted sustains us" is displayed on a white ribbon.

The 50 State Flags

Other State Symbols

  • Flower: Mountain Laurel
  • Tree: Charter Oak
  • Bird: American Robin
  • Fish: American Shad
  • Insect: Praying Mantis
  • Mammal: Sperm Whale
  • Shellfish: Eastern Oyster
  • Fossil: Eubrontes Giganteus
  • Mineral: Garnet
  • Ship: USS Nautilus (SSN-571)
  • Song: Yankee Doodle
  • Tartan: Connecticut State Tartan

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