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Louisiana State Symbols

Each state in the United States of America is unique. The people and legislature of Louisiana have selected the following state symbols to represent their state's individual environment and culture.

The Louisiana State Seal

[Image of The Louisiana State Seal]

The 50 State Seals

The Louisiana State Flag

[Image of The Louisiana State Flag]

The design consists of the pelican group from the state seal, in white and gold, and a white ribbon bearing the state motto, "Union, Justice, and Confidence", on a field of a solid blue.

The 50 State Flags

Other State Symbols

  • Amphibian: Green Tree Frog
  • Beverage: Milk
  • Bird: Brown Pelican
  • Colors: Blue, White, Gold
  • Crustacean: Crawfish
  • Dog: Catahoula Leopard Dog
  • Fish: White Perch
  • Flower: Magnolia
  • Fossil: Petrified Palmwood
  • Fruit: Strawberry
  • Gemstone: Agate
  • Insect: Honeybee
  • Mammal: American Black Bear
  • Motto: Union, Justice and Confidence
  • Reptile: American Alligator
  • Slogan: Come fall in Love with Louisiana all over again.
  • Tree: Bald Cypress
  • Vegetable: Sweet potato
  • Vegetable Plant: Creole tomato
  • Wildflower: Louisiana Iris

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