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Pennsylvania State Symbols

Each state in the United States of America is unique. The people and legislature of Pennsylvania have selected the following state symbols to represent their state's individual environment and culture.

The Pennsylvania State Seal

[Image of The Pennsylvania State Seal]

The 50 State Seals

The Pennsylvania State Flag

[Image of The Pennsylvania State Flag]

Pennsylvania's State Flag is more of a square than a rectangle. It is composed of a blue field on which the State Coat of Arms is embroidered. Draft horses are on either side of the coat of arms and the American eagle rests on the top. The scroll at the bottom reads Virtue, Liberty and Independence.

The first state flag bearing the state coat of arms was authorized by the general assembly in 1799. An act of the general assembly of June 13, 1907, standardized the flag and required that the blue field match the blue of "Old Glory".

The 50 State Flags

Other State Symbols

  • Animal: White-tailed Deer
  • Beautification plant: Penngift Crownvetch
  • Beverage: Milk
  • Dog: Great Dane
  • Fish: Brook Trout
  • Flower: Mountain Laurel
  • Fossil: Phacops rana
  • Game bird: Ruffed Grouse
  • Insect: Pennsylvania Firefly
  • Motto: Virtue, Liberty, and Independence
  • Nickname: Keystone State
  • Song: Pennsylvania
  • Tree: Eastern Hemlock

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