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Landmarks in American Samoa

Charlie the Tuna

Charlie the Tuna
Atu'u, American Samoa
Atu'u is called the permanent home of Charlie the Tuna, a cartoon mascot use in advertising for the Starkist® company.

Rainmaker Mountain (North Pioa)

Rainmaker Mountain (North Pioa)
American Samoa
The mountain is a volcanic feature known as a trachyte plug. This means that it is a volcanic intrusion made of extrusive igneous rocks and minerals which have a fine-grained, generally porphyritic texture.

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Top 10 Most Popular American Samoa Landmarks

  1. Rainmaker Mountain (North Pioa)
  2. Charlie the Tuna
  3. Olotania Crater
  4. Olovalu Crater
  5. Judds Crater
  6. Olomanu Crater
  7. Oloava Crater
  8. Fogamaa Crater
  9. Olomatimu Crater
  10. Fagatele Crater

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