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Landmarks in Missouri

Busch Stadium

Busch Stadium
St. Louis, Missouri, 63102
Also called New Busch Stadium or Busch Stadium III, the baseball park opened on April 4, 2006. It offers a panoramic view of the downtown St. Louis skyline, as well as the city's distinctive Gateway Arch.

Liberty Memorial

Liberty Memorial
Kansas City, Missouri
When the Liberty Memorial opened on November 11, 1926 , President Calvin Coolidge delivered the dedication speech. The memorial is home to the National World War I Museum, which opened on December 2, 2006.

Missouri State Capitol

Missouri State Capitol
Jefferson City, Cole County, Missouri, 65101
The Missouri State Capitol is notable for its architectural features, including its eight 48-foot (15 m) columns on the south portico and six 40-foot (12 m) columns on the north side; its 30-foot (9 m)-wide grand stairway and its bronze front doors.

Missouri State Flag Missouri State Seal
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Top 10 Most Popular Missouri Landmarks

  1. Gateway Arch (St. Louis Arch)
  2. Liberty Memorial
  3. Missouri State Capitol
  4. Busch Stadium
  5. Harry S Truman Birthplace
  6. Wainwright Building
  7. Calvary Cemetery
  8. Lemp Mansion
  9. Bellefontaine Cemetery
  10. Battlefield Mall Shopping Center

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