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Dinosaur National Monument Quarry

Dinosaur National Monument Quarry
Uintah County, Utah
The "Dinosaur Wall" located within the Quarry building in Dinosaur National Monument consists of a steeply tilted rock layer which contains hundreds of dinosaur fossils. The rock has been chipped away to reveal the fossil bones for public viewing.

Golden Spike National Historic Site

Golden Spike National Historic Site
Promontory Summit, Utah
The Transcontinental Railroad was completed here on May 10, 1869.

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Top 10 Most Popular Utah Landmarks

  1. Dinosaur National Monument Quarry
  2. Golden Spike National Historic Site
  3. Tabernacle Crater
  4. Diamond Battle Historical Monument
  5. Monument Valley Adventist Hospital
  6. Hogle Zoological Gardens
  7. Cavern Passage
  8. John Cameron Troughs
  9. Temple Granite Quarry Historical Monument
  10. Cameron Troughs

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