Welcome to Landmark USA, a fascinating travel blog that will expose you to the wonderful world of America’s historic sites! Travel through time as ordinary places become living witnesses to important historical events.

Get in touch with the spirit of the American Revolution by visiting the places where the country’s independence was born, and tap into patriotism by visiting national monuments and memorials that honor heroes and special moments in U.S. history.

Explore colonial towns that preserve ancient architectural masterpieces and learn about the difficult early days of the first settlers arriving on American shores. Climb to the summits of historic mountains and enjoy incredible panoramic views that have inspired travelers and explorers for centuries.

Along the way, discover historic sites of the struggle for civil rights and equality where true heroes fought for freedom and justice. Spend your days experiencing the cultural heritage of American Indians and learning about their ancient customs and traditions.

Landmark USA will help you create unforgettable memories by bringing historical eras to life and enriching your journey with in-depth knowledge. Join us on this exciting journey through America’s historic sites – places that have become the nation’s foundation stones and signs of its greatness.

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