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Asian-American Landmarks

Museums, centers and other places important to Asian culture and ancestry in America.


Charles B. Wang Center

Stony Brook, New York
The Charles B. Wang Center is dedicated to presenting an understanding of Asian and Asian American cultures. The facility serves as a conference center and cultural, professional, and intellectual event venue.



Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19107
Chinatown functions as a popular tourist destination, a center of trade, and as a home to many of the city's finest ethnic restaurants and bakeries. It is the fourth-largest Chinatown in the United States.


Chinese Friendship Arch

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19107
The Friendship Arch is an ornate paifang, a gate or archway used to divide regions of a city. Though many North American Chinatowns have these arches, Philadelphia's version is considered to be more elaborate than most.


Go For Broke Monument

Los Angeles, California
The Go For Broke Monument commemorates Japanese Americans who served overseas in the United States Military during World War II. The monument's wall lists the names of 16,126 Nisei (Second generation Japanese-American) soldiers.

Top 4 Most Popular Asian-American Landmarks Landmarks

  1. Go For Broke Monument
  2. Chinatown
  3. Chinese Friendship Arch
  4. Charles B. Wang Center