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Landmarks in American Samoa

Charlie the Tuna

Charlie the Tuna
Atu'u, American Samoa
Atu'u is called the permanent home of Charlie the Tuna, a cartoon mascot use in advertising for the Starkist® company.

Rainmaker Mountain (North Pioa)

Rainmaker Mountain (North Pioa)
American Samoa
The mountain is a volcanic feature known as a trachyte plug. This means that it is a volcanic intrusion made of extrusive igneous rocks and minerals which have a fine-grained, generally porphyritic texture.

American Samoa

American Samoa State Flag
Postal Code: AS
Capital City: Pago Pago
Became a State: November 30, -0001
Population: 54,343*
Area: 581.05 miles2 (1,504.92 km2)

* 2015 est. U.S. Census Bureau
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  1. Rainmaker Mountain (North Pioa)
  2. Charlie the Tuna