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Seawolf Park

Pelican Island via Seawolf Parkway
Galveston, Galveston County, Texas, 77550

Seawolf Park was built on an immigration station site and offers a three-story pavilion with a view of Galveston harbor, picnic sites, a playground area and a lighted fishing pier.

Seawolf Park is a memorial to Seawolf (SS-197), a Sargo-class submarine, lost during World War II, possibly sunk by friendly fire, in 1944.

Seawolf Park is the home of the Gato-class submarine, Cavalla (SS-244) and the Edsall-class destroyer escort Stewart (DE-238) . Also preserved at the park is the sail of the Sturgeon-class submarine Tautog (SSN-639) and the conning tower of the Balao-class submarine Carp (SS-338). The remains of the WWI Tanker S.S. Selma Concrete ship can also be seen.

Seawolf park is unique in that it has a Submarine, an ASW craft, and the remains of a merchant ship; the hunter, the protector, and the protectee, all in one museum area.

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