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2100 Shiloh Road
Billings, Montana, 59106

Photo: Montanabw License: CC BY-SA 3.0
ZooMontana is a 70-acre (28 ha) wildlife park located in Billings, Montana, U.S. and is Montana's only zoo and botanical park. It currently maintains nearly 100 animals, representing 58 species.
The zoo was incorporated and established as a non-profit 501 C (3) organization in 1982. It focuses on year-round wildlife native to Montana, the Rocky Mountains, and other cold temperature regions at or above the 45th Parallel.

Indoor habitats include animals from around the world.

ZooMontana is divided into two main "regions" in addition to other exhibits. The Asia Region starts by the wolves and is a paved path through a cottonwood forest. The path splits at one point and one half becomes a nature trail. The other path splits again, one going towards the Siberian tiger, and the other going to the red panda.

The North America Region includes habitats for wolf, grizzly bear, river otter, beaver, bald eagle, and bighorn sheep, as well as ponds for waterfowl including swan geese, emperor geese, Arctic geese, and domestic geese.

The one-acre Sensory Garden is planted with both native and exotic plants intended to stimulate all of your senses. It is a very popular site for weddings. The zoo also includes a Montana garden with native plants, and Dottie's Garden, which is home to plants that use very little water.

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