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Landmarks in Montana

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park
Flathead, Montana
To commemorate the long history of peace and friendship between the United States and Canada, the two nations have combined Glacier National Park and Waterton Lakes National Park and created the Waterton/Glacier International Peace Park.

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument
Crow Agency, Montana
This monument is dedicated to the men who died in the battle of the Little Bighorn. It was build in 1881 making it the oldest national monument in the country.

Montana State Capitol

Montana State Capitol
Helena, Lewis and Clark County, Montana, 59601
The building, constructed of Montana sandstone and granite, is in Greek neoclassical architectural style. The exterior of the dome is covered in copper. Atop the dome is a statue of a woman affectionately dubbed "Lady Liberty."

Montana State Flag Montana State Seal
Montana State Symbols

Top 10 Most Popular Montana Landmarks

  1. Glacier National Park
  2. Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument
  3. Montana State Capitol
  4. Boy With a Leaking Boot Statue
  5. Whoop-Up Trail Monument
  6. Reno-Benteen Battlefield
  7. Holter Museum of Art
  8. The Bullwhacker Statue
  9. Little Bighorn Battlefield Visitor Center
  10. Rocky Boys Indian Reservation

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