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Each state in the United States of America is unique. The people and legislature of alabama have selected the following state symbols to represent their state's individual environment and culture.

The alabama State Seal

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In 1817, when William Wyatt Bibb was appointed Governor of the brand new Alabama territory, Bibb realized he needed an official seal for his commissions and other state papers. With permission of President James Monroe and a law adopted by Congress, the territorial governor was authorized to select a design for a seal. Governor Bibb believed the best seal would be a map of the territory showing its rivers. It also showed the territories (now states) surrounding it.

By 1819, when Alabama became a state, the territorial seal was designated by the first legislature as the state seal. The state seal remained unchanged for 50 years, until the Reconstruction period when a Republican-dominated legislature had a new seal made. It consisted of an eagle perched upon the shield of the United States seal. In the beak of the eagle was a banner reading "Here We Rest". Around the new emblem were the words "Alabama Great Seal". This seal was used for 71 years to authenticate official documents and letterhead.

In 1939, a bill was introduced by the legislature to restore the original seal as the Great Seal of Alabama. When the bill came up it was official unanimously by the Senate and the House. Governor Frank M. Dixon official the new law and the Secretary of State had a new Great Seal created. Act no. 20.

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The alabama State Flag

[Image of The alabama State Flag]

Borrowing its design from the Confederate Battle Flag, the Alabama State Flag has the cross of St. Andrew placed on a white field.

The Alabama State Flag design was adopted in 1895.

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Other State Symbols

No symbols for alabama.

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