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Landmarks in Tennessee

AT&T Building

AT&T Building
Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, 37201
The AT&T Building is the tallest building in Tennessee. It's two tall spires have resulted in it being nicknamed "The Batman Building." The decorative bridge of the structure was designed to resemble a telephone receiver sitting in its cradle.

Bell Witch Cave

Bell Witch Cave
Adams, Robertson County, Tennessee
Visitors to the cave have reported seeing strange apparitions and hearing unexplained sounds. Many believe the Bell Witch Ghost now lives in the cave.

Peabody Hotel

Peabody Hotel
Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee, 38103
This Italian Renaissance building is famous for its well-known permanent residents, the Peabody Ducks. Each day, the ducks are marched from their penthouse to the fountain in the hotel's lobby.

Tennessee State Capitol

Tennessee State Capitol
Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, 37243
The cornerstone for the building was laid on July 4, 1845, and construction finished in 1859. The Capitol was designed by noted architect William Strickland, who is buried in the North Wing.

Tennessee State Museum

Tennessee State Museum
Nashville, Tennessee
With over 70,000 square feet of exhibit space, this is one of the nation's largest state museums.


Tennessee State Flag
Postal Code: TN
Capital City: Nashville
Became a State: June 1, 1796
Population: 6,600,299*
Area: 42,144.25 miles2 (109,153.72 km2)

* 2015 est. U.S. Census Bureau
Tennessee State Symbols

Top 10 Most Popular Tennessee Landmarks

  1. Bell Witch Cave
  2. AT&T Building
  3. Tennessee State Capitol
  4. Peabody Hotel
  5. Country Music Hall of Fame Museum
  6. Tennessee State Museum
  7. Fairview Harbor
  8. Memphis Zoological Garden
  9. Hunter Museum of Art
  10. Baron Hirsch Synagogue

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